Association of European Businesses

The Association of European Businesses represents and promotes the interests of European companies conducting business in and with the Russian Federation. The AEB is an independent non-commercial association funded by membership and sponsorship. AEB membership is made up of enterprises and entrepreneurs from the member states of the European Union (EU) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), which have business activities with and/or in the Russian Federation. These members form the AEB General Assembly (GA), which determines the overall strategy and policies of the association. The AEB was established in 1995 on the initiative of several European companies registered in the Russian Federation, Ambassadors of EU member states and the Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to the Russian Federation.


Deutsch-Russische Auslandshandelskammer

Russian-German Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of all existing German companies in Russia and all Russian companies operating in Germany. In the ECP has over 800 German, Russian and other member companies. ECP branches are located in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Kaliningrade. Russian-German Chamber of Commerce is one of the international network of Chamber of Commerce in Germany.


American Chamber of Commerce in Russia

American Chamber of Commerce in Russia promotes the development of commercial relations between the Russian Federation and the international community. We seek constructive solutions to trade and investment problems that protect and promote the legitimate common economic interests of our member companies. We do so with integrity and respect for our host country.