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Latest news from the biking race RARU 2013

Latest news from the biking race RARU 2013

The first breakdowns on the route

Last Saturday Andy got the first puncture. Sergey called this a bike term which is common among cyclists. They call it the "snake bite" when a large impact with a chippy edge of asphalt (there was generally a lot of holes and cracks due to road repairs), the camera makes gets " the snake bite" and is ripped into two thin cracks. It can not be repaired, only replaced.

Support of the Russian people

The cyclists and the entire support team are very encouraged, their eyes sparkling when they speak about how people meet them. They are moved by the fact that people held the Austrian flag and banners with the hand-written sign "Hello RARU!». It shows that they are following the race on the Internet, and try to support the athletes.
Some Russians do not even mind to join the bikers! So did Vitaly, a businessman from Perm, who traveled from his native city 150 km with triathletes heading for Yekaterinburg. His wife accompanied him in a car along with the car escorting the bikers athletes, and he rode 5 hours along with the changing bikers, with an average speed of 31 km / h.

Weather on the route and the time zones effect

It began raining cats and dogs as it is usual in the region. It has a negative effect on the speed of the bikers and road conditions. Another factor to which athletes are not quite used to yet, is the changing time zones. The whole race is planned by the hour, so the bikers are a little thrown off when on arrival in another city it turns out that the time zone has changed and it is already an hour after the scheduled time.
Now the team is discussing if they should move the schedule by an hour or half an hour a day, but then one of the pairs will be riding more than another deuce. If this is not done, then gradually one deuce will ride only in the daytime, and another deuce will ride only at night.

Marathon cycling race and the recovery nature

In stage races, when a stage is layered on a stage, you cannot fully recover, and the fatigue is accumulated. Now the bikers have to really work to endure, to overcome the distance, which leads to exhaustion of energy and health. Therefore when muscles are massaged after each part of the race they should be first put to stress and after the super compensation they automatically loosen up on their own.
The pain in the muscles increases which means that lactic acid is accumulated. It has to be squeezed the side of lymph nodes to make it process further.
It is preferable to combine the massage with the physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy treatment is a different method for the recovery when the working electrical currents put a muscle at spasm at first and then relax it. However combined with the manual therapy, this is more effective, when specific wavelength and an appropriate impulse frequency is used.
The athletes should take special care of themselves and of their health. It is important to change when necessary and put on dry clothes to avoid hypothermia. In the car it is better to warm the muscles (not overheat) so they are prepared for the stage part of the race. If no special recovery measures are taken in the car then the muscles will be getting more and more strain when riding and it may cause injury after all. In a cool, rainy weather as it is now it is especially important to keep the safety health precautions.

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