Construction companies

Presently the main tasks in the construction industry and in planning are complex:

1. Portfolio and construction site management:

  • Planning and follow-up of the construction periods.
  • Resource management: material, HR, equipment.
  • Providing transparency of construction sites for interested users.
  • Coordination of work with contractors and partners.

2. Financial risk reduction:

  • Investments and projects pay-back.
  • Project planning, monitoring and budget updates.

Payments planning and monitoring.

3. Providing the entirety and consistency of planning documentation as well as access to the latter:

  • Management of planning documents versions at all construction stages.
  • Providing access to the planning documents to employees, contractors etc.

Often it is very difficult or even impossible to solve these tasks without using modern information systems.

SAP products for the construction and property management provide integrated information about plans, performance, expenses, payments, contractors, construction and property management. This information allows companies to manage their activities more efficiently and to achieve the following results:

1. To run project more efficiently due to:

Planning and follow-up in real-time mode the work completion time linked with the expenses and work volumes.

  • Planning of material purchases, of equipment use and of recruiting.
  • Providing all interested parties with up-to-date and uncontroversial information about the course of construction projects.

2. Financial risk reduction due to:

  • Providing project participants and interested parties with qualitative and timely financial information on investments, payback and profitability, costs, payments for projects.

3. Reduce costs and increase profitability due to:

  • Better planning of works, of material purchase and services.
  • Effective cost control and cash management

SAP solutions for the construction sector and property management combine functionality for a particular industry and wide opportunities of the solution "Management of a modern enterprise» (SAP Business Suite). Key features and capabilities of this solution include:

1. Investment management: planning of investment projects, the consolidation and updating of investment portfolios, track spending and payback of investments.

2. Planning, performance tracking and updating project budgets. 

3. Planning and managing projects and portfolios of projects, including:

  • Planning, tracking and updating schedules of projects.
  • Resource planning in relation to the project works: materials, equipment and human resources.

4. Property management, including:

  • Maintenance management.
  • Sales and rental of real estate.

5. Enterprise portal, implemented in the platform SAP NetWeaver, provides a convenient and quick access to information, applications and services necessary for effective team work between the company and external partners.

6. Maintenance of accounting, tax and management accounting.