Manufacturing companies

Increasing sales volume and reducing costs are the two main factors that top management of manufacturing companies must focus on. In order to successfully compete in the 21st century this focus will be even more important.

Cost reduction is identical to improving the efficiency of all the services in an enterprise. Considerable results can be achieved when implementing the best business automation practices and solutions:

  • The planning solution SAP APO (Advanced Planner and Optimizer) allows a company to plan and optimize its entire supply chain processes, allowing manufacturing companies to produce exactly what is needed by the customer at the right time and get it to the right place.

  • The SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is an integrated software solution that incorporates the key business functions of the entire organization including operations, financials and human resources. Manufacturing companies are able to, for examples, increase the accuracy of the material procurement control, reduce the amount of raw materials and inventory, and correctly calculate precise costs.

  • The SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Manager) solution enables the full range of supply and procurement activities from the strategy stage to execution. Manufacturing companies can optimize their supply and procurement operations by fully integrating the processes of suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.

The consultants from ALPE consulting have wide experience in projects focused on increasing the efficiency for manufacturing companies since over 50% of our clients are from this industry sector.

Within the framework of a project and as an addition to the improvement of core company operations or business procedures, ALPE consulting is able to create a Consolidated Information Area composed of SAP solutions including:

  • Accounting, Finance and Controlling
  • Logistics & Supply Chain, including for example Warehouse Management
  • Repair and Equipment Maintenance Management,
  • Human Resources, including for example Personnel Records, Payroll, etc.