A needed product is required in the right place with sufficient quantity at the best time and with a correct price. These principles are well-known for retail trade companies.

However, when following these principles, the top-management of such companies should build strict work organization, and sometimes even use a creative approach when running business. And if a company’s success on the management level mainly depends on the human factor, when speaking about selling points it is clear that information technologies become the main element. The quality and speed of business decisions taken by a company depend on the correctness of the organization of business processes in shops, on how ergonomic the information system is, how transparent it is and how easily the input information which is entered into the system can be controlled.

Solution SAP Business All-in-One for Retail allows integrating all business steps from requirements planning and purchasing to the managing the goods sold through retail chain, gives opportunity to apply various marketing tools improving the effectiveness of retail chain.

Loyalty to clients is an indicator of the high level of a seller. Various marketing programs allow retaining more consumers and, as a result, help to develop the business.

Solution SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – an important tool that allows managing a customer service at a high level. The aim of this solution is to attract and retain customers as well as to develop a client base.

It is hard to imagine a modern retail trade company without a contact center that deals with different queries and complaints from consumers or potential or existing vendors, without an e-shop and often without mobile sales representatives.

Solution SAP CRM includes the above mentioned components and along with SAP for Retailsystem covers the requirements of retail chains by maintaining the relationships with clients and allowing an effective evaluation, planning and implementation of a required marketing strategy.

In the context of the cost reduction program for software products, as of 2013 SAP AG offers a special package SAP 360 Customer which includes the following:

  • Solution SAP Web Channel Experience Management (WCEM) to organize an e-shop;
  • Components of SAP CRM Suite – SAP Marketing, SAP Loyalty, SAP Service & Sales, Social Media, Partner Management;
  • Solution SAP Mobile Platform which helps to provide access to the system using mobile devices (mobile clients).

Fully operable contact center can be implemented based on SAP BCM (Business Communication Management) which is a complex platform for the communication with clients and is built using a multichannel IP-telephony technology.