SAP APO: new generation of software for planning improvement

  • Support of SAP Business Framework (SAP enterprise architecture framework) strategy. SAP APO is an independent component able to interact with SAP ERP and systems of other providers through standard open interfaces.
  • Support of both global and local planning allows you to synchronize business processes of several companies or several departments of a company or several systems of business processes.
  • Improved planning and optimization algorithms provide solutions to many complex problems with lots of restrictions.
  • Powerful management tools built on exception mechanism able to find out problems automatically and report about them.
  • Outstanding speed and efficiency achieved through processing of data objects in RAM with SAPLiveCache technology.
  • Widely customizable user interface allows planners to create working environment which exactly meets their needs.

Using SAP APO benefits you through simplification and generalizing business processes of your company. It results in cost cutting, investment efficiency increase and time saving.

SAP APO services:

  • High-performance modeling and supply chain management. Supply Chain Cockpit module enables to proceed huge information volume, concerning to business and decision making, in the frame of holistic supply chain diagrammatic model.
  • Exact marketing plans based on improved forecast methods. The Demand Planning is a complex, high-performance, and flexible instrument that supports the sales/requirements planning process in your company. User-specific planning layouts and interactive planning books allow not only the inclusion of various departments, but also of other companies, in the forecast creation process.
  • Supply Network Planning is a set of functionalities around Distribution Requirement Planning, Deployment, Demand and Supply Matching and Optimization. Along with Demand Planning it is an integral part of any organizations Sales & Operations Planning Process.
  • Deployment generates recommended shipments using best practice distribution planning processes
  • Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling enables you to plan and optimize multi-site production while simultaneously taking into account product and capacity availability.
  • GlobalAvailable-to-promise allows companies to control material and productive capacity requirements and bring supply in line with demand.