Any company which owns transport facilities independently of their types and the type of a fleet should deal with the following key tasks in order to reach long-term and steady growth:

  • To load the transport fleet with beneficial orders (as it is said in a famous Russian song “Airplanes live only when they fly” or railroad workers say – “The wheels should turn”);
  • To keep transport facilities in proper technical conditions, perform preventive procedures in time which is necessary in order to ensure the save exploitation and to fit the requirements of controlling authorities.
  • Correctly and constantly scale business in the composition of transport facilities and the geography of roots, the depth and variety of services which are provided to customers.

Each of the tasks mentioned above requires a company management to make much organizational effort and, of course, is divided into subtasks which can then compose strategic and tactic daily plans.

The plan is a good one when it is followed, realized, amended when necessary and the related results are proved. In order to be able to work with plans management require information (it is desirable to have it at the time when it is needed), which contain all necessary cause-effect relations without distortions and contradictions.

The products of SAP AG have all necessary modules and components in order to build functionally strong and highly productive information systems for companies working in the sphere of transport.

Our company has the following experience in the implementation of the SAP products for dealing with the above mentioned tasks:

Our company participated in the development and launching profit receipt and single personal account management system for the clients of JSC “Russian Railways”. SAP ERP components included into this system are responsible for the processing of incoming electronic messages (IDOC) from external front-office system “ETRAN” and subsequent processing of the received information in FI (Finance) module in order to charge clients debts, follow up payments, control limits and create the tax and accounting registers.

On the same project (JSC “Russian Railways”) we participated in the development of the system for planning and repair service control of cargo carriages on Oktyabrskaya railway’s polygon. In order to do that we used the functionality of the following modules: Sales and Distribution (SD), Plant Maintenance (PM, TOPO in Russian), Materials Management (MM), Finance (FI), Controlling (CO). The system allows managing the contracts of clients who own or rent carriages and control charging and invoicing; managing the passports of carriages and numbering of the key assemblies and details; standardizing service operations according to routings; creating a calculation based on defects list and prepare the pack of documents for a client.

Besides, in 2010 and 2012 we developed an information system for 2 service departments of aircraft company “Volga-Dnepr Technics”. The one is situated in UAE, another one is in Russia. As a consequence, we had to develop two different systems – the one is in accordance with the IFRS requirements, another one should have been based on Russian Accounting Standards. Both companies run their business all over the world and it was necessary to correctly manage service operations and spare parts and components movements (which belong both to the companies and clients). That’s why in both projects we had to customize complex operations schemes in modules SD (Sales and Distribution), FI (Finance), MM (Purchasing). In order to control and manage the results the capabilities of modules CO (Controlling) and CO-PA (Profitability Analysis) were used.

We understand that we solved and checked in practice not all the tasks which are usual for a transportation sector. While developing the information systems for the real needs of our clients we were always satisfied with the standard functions of SAP ERP and the potential of the whole chain of SAP AG products was not fully used. We see many unused capabilities and tasks in transportation sector for which we can find suitable and beautiful solutions.

We are ready for the collaboration and are waiting for your new interesting tas ks.