International SAP ROLL OUT projects

Implementing Roll-out projects we offer our clients those particular solutions which correspond to the characteristic aspects of the branch, to the business progress and the scale of an enterprise, and also to the legal aspects.

The quality of services of ALPE consulting has been attested by the longstanding work experience in Roll-out projects, what is especially important for any international company, which use SAP solutions in their mother company and face the task of replicating the corporate system in Russia. In such projects the correct preparation of the implementation project is one of the key success factors.

ALPE consulting has the longstanding experience of implementing SAP solutions for large international clients, among which are: Mazda, DeLonghi, Boehringer Ingelheim, Monier Group, METRO Group, Magna, AstraZeneca, Brenntag CEE, Rockwool, GEA Westfalia-Surge Russia, INTERPRINT International, IKB Leasing, WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co and others.

Advantages of Roll-out by ALPE consulting:

  • Correct understanding of tasks and interests of all the participants of the Roll-out project (mother company, daughter company, auditor);
  • Knowledge the Russian legislation and characteristics of business and the know-how to associate the local requirements and the global business processes;
  • Skill to create “correct” communication between all the participants of the implementation process;
  • Minimizing the tax and business risks when transferring to the new ERP-system;
  • Экономия Saving time, financial resources and labor in the process of the ERP-system implementation;
  • Localizing the corporate solution to the Russian business environment with a maximum affect;
  • Качественные High-quality services and meeting of implementation deadlines.