Implementation Methodology

SAP recommends to use Global ASAP for Roll-outs to daughter companies. However this methodology requires that Global template has been developed from the very beginning, considering at least the fundamental features of Russian specific business processes and Russian legislation requirements. In most cases, this is not the case, so a Customer proposes as a template for Russia its locally implemented system from one of European countries. This approach prevents using Global ASAP methodology.

ALPE consulting adapt and successfully use for Russian Roll-out projects ASAP Focus methodology originally developed for the rapid implementation of SAP solutions based on preconfigured in the prototype scenarios. Once adopted, this methodology involves the following steps:

1          Project Preparation

2          Fit-GAP Analysis and Design

3          Customization

4          Key User Training

5          Integration Tests

6          Final Preparation

7          Go–Live & Support

A key step in the project is the Fit-GAP analysis where consultants identify functional deficits of the prototype, its failure to fit local Russian legislation requirements. Also on this phase we design SAP solutions to address and resolve the identified deficiencies in the existing prototype within the corporate restrictions. Most of this work is carried out during workshops with key users through demonstrations of the business processes in the prototype system.