What is Roll-Out?

Currently one of the most important tasks for international companies is the implementation of the enterprise management systems in their subsidiaries, for example located in Russia. Normally the headquarters of foreign companies implements projects by replicating the corporate ERP-system and making only minor local adjustments. However, Russia is one of the five most difficult countries in the world for localizing a “western” ERP-system.

Roll-Out means taking the global SAP system, the global template so to speak, which is in place for the company world-wide and replicating this in the international subsidiaries. However, it is imperative that the SAP Roll-Out is localized to the country’s specifics by taking into account the legislative requirements as well as unique business requirements. In Russia this is a complicated process, with many intricacies and hurdles, and the company must ensure compliance with the unique regulations, requirements and laws.

Below is an illustration of what we mean by global template and local requirements:

The following are advantages of Roll-Out projects for international companies:

  • Consolidated business model which can be considerably easier maintained and developed
  • Transparency of the activity of subsidiary companies all over the world
  • Consolidated reporting procedures meeting the corporate standards in accounting
  • The possibility to have consolidated logistics modules, consolidated accounts, etc.
  • Minimizing tax and business risks when transferring to the new ERP-system
  • Reduction of total expenses for the system implementation
  • Comparatively short implementation time

An SAP Roll-Out project implemented by ALPE consulting will provide our client with a tailored solution, corresponding to their industry specifics, to their operating activities and scale of their enterprise, and of course to the peculiarities of the Russian legislation.