Functional SAP Support

ALPE consulting company offers functional support services and maintenance solutions SAP of 1,2 and 3 lines of support, in accordance with the recommendations of ITIL ITSM.

1 line - primary processing of applications and the provision of standard solution.

Line 2 - eliminating functional errors of the medium level and of the system incidents.

3rd line - eliminating functional errors of a critical level, the development of additional system functionality, system upgrade and migration.

In the framework of the functional support the following services are offered to the customer:

  • Proactive monitoring of the client SAP system (hereinafter System)
  • The resolution of incidents, the elimination of the causes and consequences of incidents occurring in the system
  • Support system updates
  • Support changes in internal business processes
  • Proactive adaptation of the system to changing of the legal requirements
  • Education / Counseling system users, including visiting
  • Provide information about new versions and extensions of the system and its components
  • Support the closing of financial periods

Basic principles of functional support services:

  • Single point of entry

In case the user asks questions about this, or of a failure in the system, the user can send an email with a description of the problem to address: or call the following number: +7 495 6602019.

  • The final and agreed time of the first reaction

Our staff will reply within the framework of the time period, that has been once defined and preliminarily brought into line with the customer for all the user applications (cases) depending on the priority of the accomplishment.

  • Transparent script of the application accomplishment

After bringing the evaluation of the consultants working hours into line with the customer the application is sent to work and is solved within a period of time specified with the customer.

For detailed information, please contact Mrs. Natalya Vyatkina (+7 981 153 18 32 /     natalia.vyatkina(at)