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ALPE Consulting and BFG Group became partners

ALPE Consulting and BFG Group became partners
ALPE Consulting and BFG Group entered into a partnership agreement. As part of the cooperation, the companies will offer business digitalization and production management services based on a predictive simulation model.

Today, ALPE Consulting provides Russian businesses with the implementation and support of SAP and 1C ERP systems.

The BFG IS digital intelligent platform is a Russian platform for production management based on a predictive simulation model. This is a development that combines tools for solving problems of end-to-end management of an industrial enterprise and implements the functionality of systems of the MES, APS, MRP class.

With the help of BFG Group solutions, ALPE Consulting will help optimize the business processes of the enterprise, significantly reduce production cycles and work in progress, thereby increasing the reliability of the production program on time.

The BFG Group software product line includes four systems:

1) The BFG MRP production volume-calendar modeling system - to analyze the feasibility of the plan and form a schedule for the supply of materials.
2) BFG Simulation simulation system - for conducting a multivariate analysis of the execution of the plan and obtaining answers to the questions "What If?" in real time.
3) Operational planning system BFG APS - for the formation of a detailed schedule of work of resources, taking into account work in progress and the calculation of shift-daily tasks for workers.
4) BFG iMES production dispatching system - for launching tasks into production and monitoring their implementation.

With the help of the BFG platform, enterprise management becomes predictable and transparent. Managers understand in advance what the result of a managerial decision will be for the economy and production characteristics.

"We see the potential of partnership with BFG in that now, by combining the 1C: ERP system and BFG solutions, we can offer a full line of IT services and services to our customers and build a coherent full profile ERP system, covering all the Customer's needs in planning material resources and operating time of machines and personnel."
Stanislav Malyshev, CEO of ALPE Consulting

"ALPE Consulting has extensive experience in automating the processes of Russian enterprises. We see great prospects for cooperation, as the capabilities of a large integrator will help meet the demand of enterprises for increasing productivity with planning, modeling and forecasting tools"
Ivan Kolmykov, commercial director of BFG Group.

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