Automation of taxation management and accounting in SAP

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The rapid growth of the workflow has led to the fact that today an increasing number of companies transfer paper documents into electronic format, at the same time material costs are reduced and resources are optimized.

The maximum efficiency of electronic workflow is provided by the module Kontur.ERP (an integrated solution for SAP ERP), which our company, together with the partner - EDI-operator SKB Kontur, has been developing and implementing for several years

Solution Advantages:

  • The Kontur.ERP module is an official solution certified by SAP;
  • Ease and speed of implementation (from 1 month);
  • Easy operation for the user;
  • Signing and sending of electronic Integrated Delivery Note is carried out directly in SAP (all documents in one window);
  • The incoming document flow is always free;
  • Availability of monitoring of the status of signing documents;
  • Processing of one document and delivery to the client takes no more than 1 minute

Measurable benefits of transition to E-workflow:

  • Reduction of financial expenses for workflow by at least 50%;
  • Acceleration of receiving payments from customers (the earlier the document is signed, the faster the payment will be made);
  • Significant reduction of staff time and release of time for the implementation of core tasks;
  • Reduction of errors and discrepancies with documents of counterparties;
  • Free and secure storage of electronic documents on the servers of SKB Kontur

The E-workflow implementation project includes:

  • SAP system update (installation of SAP notes);
  • Installation and configuration of the Kontur.ERP module and connections;
  • Setting up new Billing Logs for the Integrated Delivery Note format;
  • Finalization of the formation of electronic documents for the requirements of your customers;
  • User workplaces setting up and electronic signatures installation;
  • User training;
  • Go Live and support

For all questions, please, contact the leading specialist Alexander Varfolomeev:

Current customers can write a ticket to the Solution Manager system