International SAP ROLL OUT projects

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ROLL OUT means replicating the business model of the SAP system in subsidiaries that have similar business processes. The main task of localization is to fully implement the local requirements of the subsidiary company, while preserving the integrity of the corporate model. 

We apply the adaptive methodology of ASAP Focus for the rapid implementation of solutions based on preconfigured in the prototype scenarios. 

Stages of the project:

  • Project preparation
  • Conceptual delta design
  • System Setup
  • Key users training
  • Integration testing
  • Preparation for a productive start
  • Go Live and support

The key stage of the project is delta design, during which the functional deficits of the prototype are revealed, its inconsistencies with local business processes and the specifics of Russian legislation, as well as the means to eliminate the identified deficiencies in SAP tools within the framework of corporate restrictions. 

Advantages of the SAP ROLL OUT project:

  • Consolidated business model which can be considerably easier maintained and developed
  • Transparency of the activity of subsidiary companies all over the world
  • Consolidated reporting procedures meeting the corporate standards in accounting
  • The possibility to have consolidated logistics modules, consolidated accounts, etc.
  • Minimizing tax and business risks when transferring to the new ERP-system
  • Reduction of total expenses for the system implementation
  • Comparatively short implementation time

Advantages of SAP ROLL OUT by ALPE consulting:

  • Proper understanding of the tasks and interests of all involved parties of the ROLL OUT project (parent company, subsidiary company plus auditors)
  • Knowledge of Russian legislation and business specifics and the ability to combine local requirements with global business processes
  • The ability to build "right" communication between all parties involved in the implementation process
  • Minimizing tax and business risks in the transition to a new ERP system
  • Saving time, financial resources and labor in the process of the ERP-system implementation;
  • Localizing the corporate solution to the Russian business environment with a maximum effect;
  • Quality services and compliance with the timing of implementation.
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