SAP systems support and maintenance

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After the implementation, work with the system begins at the next level, the main purpose of which is to support the technical and functional operation of SAP systems. It is necessary to ensure uninterrupted, reliable operation of the system around the clock, rapid recovery in case of force majeure and timely software update.

The company provides licensing support services within the framework of SAP Enterprise Support and Standard Support methodology from 2012.

The quality of provided services meets ITSM standards and is certified by the SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE).

Functional support of the systems:

  • Proactive monitoring of the client’s system
  • Incidents response, elimination of the causes and consequences of incidents occurring in the system
  • Maintenance of system updates
  • Maintenance of changes in internal business processes
  • Proactive adaptation of the system to changing legal requirements
  • Training / consulting system users, including visiting
  • Informing about new versions and extensions of the system and its components
  • Maintenance of closing financial periods

ALPE Consulting offers functional support and maintenance services for SAP solutions of 1, 2 and 3 support lines, in accordance with the recommendations of ITIL ITSM. 
1st line - primary processing of applications and provision of standard solutions.
2nd line - elimination of functional errors of the middle level and incidents of the system.
3rd line - elimination of functional errors of a critical level, development of additional system functionality, updating and migration of systems.

1C support specifics:

When implementing a 1C system, a business receives a core that acquires the functionality necessary for the company while being supported. To ensure correct operation of the modified functionality and ensure stable operation of the 1C system in productive operation, more attention is required.

The processes for supporting SAP systems, which have been developed at ALPE consulting over the years, are designed to formalize, simplify and make more transparent the processes of supporting 1C systems, which have their own characteristics.

The accumulated experience of ALPE consulting in the SAP system approach specifically to the service component and the strict adherence to procedures developed over the years ensure the effective operation of our clients’ 1C systems.

The ALPE consulting support process diagram is logical, effective and looks like this:

Support process diagram

Basic principles of providing functional support services:

  • Single entry point
In case the user has any questions about the system operation or a system failure, the user can send a letter with a description of the problem to: or call +7 495 532 22 27.
  • The final and agreed time of the first reaction
Our employees respond within the time frame once determined and previously agreed with the customer for all user requests, depending on the priority of execution.
  • Transparent execution scenario
After the client has agreed on the evaluation of labor consultants for the decision of the application, the application is sent to work and is decided in terms agreed with the customer.

For all questions, please contact Head of SAP support department Alexander Varfolomeev
tel.: +7 950 027 64 96

Current customers can write a ticket to the Solution Manager system.