Relocation of the SAP ERP

Relocation of the SAP ERP enterprise management system to physical resources (servers or data centers) located in the Russian Federation
Today, many companies are faced with the question of how to:
  • Ensure uninterrupted operation of the company's main IT system - SAP ERP in the new political conditions that have developed in the Russian Federation. The company's streamlined business processes should work as before. 
  • To carry out the migration of the SAP ERP system in the shortest possible time and as comfortable as possible for end users so as to preserve their familiar work environment and the history of previous transactions. 
  • Provide full support for the industrial operation of the SAP ERP system at a new site in the Russian Federation.

ALPE consulting offers 3 options for relocating the SAP ERP system.

General Director of ALPE consulting Stanislav Malyshev talks about the features of choosing an option and what you need to pay attention to when relocating

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