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SAP S/4HANA is a new generation ERP for the automation of the company's core processes (finance and management accounting, production, logistics, sales and service), which is intended to become the real digital core of your business.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • The best industry practices accumulate 45 years of experience of SAP and its partners.
  • The new FIORI user interface is unified for any device, allow users to quickly adapt to the system and enjoy the work.
  • Use of machine learning scenarios for aid in routine operations.
  • Support for the Internet of Things concept to unite all the company's assets in a single network.
  • The high-performance InMemory SAP HANA database provides the ability to process a huge array of data in real time. The report, which was built several hours, you will receive in a few seconds.
  • Reduction of TCO, due to compression of the database and acceleration of regulatory procedures


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ALPE4HANA is a SAP Best Practices localized solution for Russia based on SAP S/4HANA platform intended for manufacturing enterprises, wholesale enterprises and contains business processes in the following functional areas: 

  • Production planning and accounting;
  • Sales management;
  • procurement and inventory management;
  • and also includes forms of reporting and primary accounting that are specific to Russian enterprises

The advantage of ALPE4HANA is that it is a ready-made preconfigured solution that allows to reduce risks in subsequent implementations. It is based on the consolidation of the best design solutions.

In terms of budget this is a relatively affordable solution in which localized business processes with ready-made configuration and documentation are applied.

The big plus from the point of view of the customer is the predictability and visibility of the system. Already during the demonstration of the prototype, the customer sees what he will get as a result.

The solution includes pre-configured forms of mandatory reporting for the Russian Federation.

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ALPE4HANA Cloud is a pre-configured solution for managing enterprise business processes on the modern SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Extended Edition platform

Having the functional completeness of the ALPE4HANA on-premise solution, it provides additional benefits:

  • Savings on IT infrastructure and the need to update or expand it with the growing needs of the client's business
  • Fast, centralized (from the vendor's side) system update with a minimum of participation from the client's business
  • Reducing the cost of maintaining the current solution and implementing innovations, provided that the FIT-TO-STANDARD approach is followed
  • The vendor provides information security and data protection


Find more about the benefits of ALPE4HANA Cloud implementation
ALPE4HANA Cloud leaflet
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