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One of the most important business processes for wholesale companies, retail chains, logistics companies and manufacturing enterprises is warehouse logistics.

SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) system optimizes the transportation of goods, solves the problem of overstocking in warehouses and the violation of delivery times.
SAP EWM helps to more accurately forecast stocks in warehouses, monitor deliveries and receive goods in the required quantity at the set time.
Provides comprehensive automation of goods movement and optimizes storage space.

SAP EWM benefits:

  • Optimization of material flows through the warehouse - incoming and outgoing flows, storekeeping, storage, replenishment of stocks
  • Optimization of materials handling in the storage area - scheduling, resource and intermediate storage planning 
  • Increase the speed of service through integration with external devices
  • Covers all storage unit processing operations from receipt to disposal
  • Offers procedures that reduce the cost of warehouse operations
  • Provides full support for mobile data acquisition
  • Integrated solution works in both centralized and distributed processes
  • Extended functionality includes: Resources and Tasks management, Transport platforms management, Transshipment, Logistics additional services