Cooperation with SOS children’s villages in Russia

ALPE consulting continues its charity work and keeps supporting orphans and children from poorfamilies, who are deprived of the opportunity to live with their parents. In view of all that, Alexander Schachner, General Director of ALPE consulting, along with other members of the company visited the SOS Kids’ Village in thetown of Tomilino located in Moscow region.

More than 60 kids live in this village in detached brick houses, constructed specially for them. In each house there is a so-called “family”, with a SOS-Mommy, taking care of “her” kids, fulfilling all daily functions of a real Mother. The children call her “Mom”. She takes the kids to school, cooks meals for them, does cleaning and is in volved in their upbringing. Twelve houses are located in the Kids’ Village, each housing a family consisting of a mother and 5-7 kidsbetween the ages of 4 to 17. Mikhail Borisovich, Pedagogical Director and Nikolay Yurievich Slabzhanin, Managing Director of Moscow Village organized for us an excursion, explaining to us the history of the “village upbringing model” and invited us for a cup of tea to one of the families. Here we had a chance to view the effectiveness of the Austrian system, in place in Russia since 1996.

Besides the corporate donation transferred to the SOS Kids’ Villages, employees of the Moscow and St. Petersburg offices of ALPE consulting had collected money and bought as team cooker, fruits and sweets as presents for the orphans. Sponsors, Vladlen Afanasiev and Mikhail Parshin, presented the kids with new stuffed toys, booksand educational games.

In January 2012 employees from the St. Petersburg office also visited another SOS Kids’ Village located in the town of Pushkin in Saint Petersburg region.

We firmly believe that our help and assistance will encourage these children to adapt to social life much easier and allow them to find their place in life as adults in the future.

SOS Kids’Villages: support for Russian orphan kids and kids from “problematic families”.

The first SOS Kids’Village appeared in Tomilino in Moscow region in 1996. Now “SOS RK Kids’Village” supports more than 1300 orphan kids and kids from “problematicfamilies” in many parts of Russia, including Saint Petersburg, Vologda, Pskov,Murmansk, Orel and Moscow region.

SOS Kids’Villages International: more than 60 years of charity work in 132 countries on all continents.

Hermann Gmeinerfounded the first SOS Kids’ Village in 1949 in Austria from small charitable donations. The donations were collected for orphan kids in a neighborhood fellowship of a small town called Imst.

Today SOS Kids’Villages International is the largest international, independent, non-governmental, social organization, carrying out charitable activities to support orphan kids and kids from the “group of social orphan hood risk” in 132 countries.