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ALPE consulting helps companies meet new tax legislation requirements

ALPE consulting helps companies meet new tax legislation requirements
The federal law that sets the VAT rate at 20% from 01/01/2019, has already entered into force. According to the law, all organizations in the territory of Russia need to make changes to their information systems for the correct conduct of tax accounting and the formation of declarations with a new rate.

ALPE Consulting makes a special offer on the rapid update of SAP functionality in accordance with the changed VAT rate.

Our consultants have all the necessary qualifications for the successful completion of this task within 8 to 16 days.

The work on adapting SAP ERP to new requirements is carried out in several stages:

1. Creating new codes:

  • sampling of all VAT codes with an 18% rate;
  • definition / agreement with the parent company (if any) of new codes;
  • creation of new 20% codes
(Usually codes are created in 3 systems - development, test, productivity.) If there are other systems where codes need to be created, the score increases).

2. Analysis of settings related to VAT codes in the Order-To-Cash processes (sales)

  • coordination of changes (where necessary);
  • settings.

3. Analysis of settings related to VAT codes in Procure-To-Pay processes (purchases)

  • coordination of changes (where necessary);
  • settings.

4. Setting up VAT reporting (when explanations from tax authorities and new formats from SAP come out)

  • analysis of settings and necessary changes for a specific client;
  • setting up SAP notes
  • settings adjustment

5. Testing

  • transactions testing;
  • testing of printed documents;
  • testing of VAT-reporting.

6. The transition period planning (when and what settings to activate in the product so that all operations are correct).

7. Analysis and adjustment of specific user programs, integration with BW, etc. - if available. Evaluated additionally.

8. Analysis and adjustment of user options and report formats (can be performed by users).

9. Pre-qualification:

  • Consultant FI: 4 - 8 people / day,
  • Consultant MM: 3 - 6 people / day,
  • Basis (for installing SAP notes): 1-2 person / day.

ALPE consulting offers a modern and high-quality solution for successful business in a changing situation!

Why ALPE consulting?

  • SAP Gold Partner since 2013
  • Technological partner of SKB Kontur
  • Kontur.ERP implementation experience - several years
  • More than 80 successful projects
  • The developer of the first partner solution based on SAP S / 4HANA, on-premise
  • SAP Quality Awards for Quality of Implementation and Innovation
  • SAP PartnerEdge PCoE Customer Support Center Certificate

For all questions, please contact Raila Biryukova
Current customers can write a ticket to the ZenDesk system

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