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ALPE Store

Dear friends!

We strive to simplify as much as possible the search and implementation of optimal solutions for your business, and have launched an online store for SAP products "ALPE Store" (, where you can, as in any online store, choose the product or service you are interested in.

We tried to arrange it in such a way that you get the maximum information about a product or service and can choose the most optimal for you in terms of product options and cost.

The store is divided into two parts:
• In the section “Implementation Services” we offer SAP products and services for their implementation. Here you can navigate the cost, timing and capabilities of the products offered.
• In the "Resources" section, we will open for you the opportunity to involve our highly qualified SAP consultants.

As a first step, we “put on the shelf” the service for the implementation of “Legally Significant Electronic Document Management”, which is very popular in today's conditions.

Look, choose the most suitable option and launch your project.

With “ALPE Store” it just got easier!

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