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Innovative warehouse management in a pharmaceutical company

Innovative warehouse management in a pharmaceutical company
Pharmaceutical in Uzbekistan is a complex industry for business, with its own specifics.

Low marginality and state control of wholesale and retail prices for certain categories of goods require maximum efficiency of business processes.

How to solve the problem of accounting for the profitability of business lines and errors in the movement of goods?
How to reduce the time for closing the financial period and reduce the workload on employees?
How to increase the speed of order processing and increase the turnover of goods in the warehouse?
How to reduce opportunities for tampering and fraud?

All this was discussed in the presentation of ALPE consulting at the forum "Innovative Day Tashkent 2021" based on the experience of using ALPE4HANA on the SAP S/4HANA implementation project for the Grand Pharm Trade company (Uzbekistan).

The project for Grand Pharm Trade won Gold in the “Logistics for the Benefit of Competitiveness” nomination at the SAP Value Award.

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