Taxcom solutions

ALPE consulting designed a solution of integration with EDO “Taxcom – DocLines”. Using this solution you will be able to prepare documents in your SAP ERP system, to sign them with digital signature, to send documents to your contractor, to get an answer from contractor and to update the status of document.

There is a list of documents that you can prepare:

  • Invoice – structured document approved by Ministry of Finance in XML format
  • Goods shipping document – structured document in XML format
  • Acceptance report – not structured document in PDF format
  • Contract - not structured document in PDF format

At the request of the costumer this list of documents can be expanded. As before you can use the services of Taxcom operator for preparing a set of documents for tax inspection or for pension fund.

The digital signature you will get from certification authority of Taxcom company. The digital signature is connected to a specific official position in your company. It is stored on separate flash-media. The documents should be signed explicitly.

Additionally we implement the functionality of archiving sets of documents of incoming and outgoing documents with solution SAP ArchiveLink.

The digital signature allows a company to use paperless document flow and to build effective channels with customers andsuppliers.