Building materials

Building materials is a highly competitive global market industry. This capital-intensive industry is heavily dependent on the volatile energy prices. The key points for increasing profitability are the supply chain optimization, order processing acceleration and comprehensive cost analysis capabilities that help making decisions in a rapidly changing environment.

An extremely important goal is to build and maintain an efficient operating model and improve the visibility and efficiency of your supply chain. The supply chain delays affect your productivity.SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) solution improves your supply chain reliability. It also reduces operating costs using an optimized supply planning, and optimizes resource usage through production planning.

Industry production processes are notable by large volumes of homogeneous finished goods batches and a lot of SKU in the similar products (for example, one type of plate can be produced in hundreds of different sizes). PP-REM (Repetitive manufacturing) is the best suited for the first specific requirement implementation. The repetitive production processes monitoring builds straightforward and reduces the SAP users load. To implement the second requirement the LO-VC (Variant Configuration) has been used successfully. It dramatically reduce the costs of maintaining large volumes of production master data. Finished products BOM and manufacturing routing are determined automatically based on the physical characteristics (size, density, surface coat).