SAP Business Objects

BusinessObjects™ is software and services aimed at meeting your unique needs. The name of software is based on the notion of business objects, i.e. the objects which take part in the chain of value creation. Company’s activity is divided into such business objects. Each object has a name, goals, attributes, interconnections and current status. Thus, the whole information space of the company is represented in the form of objects. BusinessObjects™ contains a set of tools for making reports according to all selected business objects.

The main goal on which BusinessObjects™ is focused on making information users familiar with the process of report generation by means of simplifying this process. The need for transfer of the view angle to different business aspects changes as the market situation changes. Therefore, information users should understand the methods and principles of its generation and obtaining.

Do you have a scattered information landscape?

A separate system of stock bookkeeping, accounting, systems of management accounting of company subdivisions and a lot of files on different users’ computers?

It is hard to take balanced decisions having incomplete information, or without consideration of all relevant factors. The process of decision making is delayed if the information is to be obtained from several sources. The information obtained from different sources may be contradictory. Solutions BusinessObjects™ can solve these problems.

You get a new angle of view for detecting inefficiency and possibilities for their transformation into a competitive advantage. Functionality is intended for optimizing your operations and resources using the best practices in the whole chain of cost creation. You have expanded all budgets and reduced all costs? SAP solutions allow you to see your company in real time, and you can accelerate the delivery chain, bring new products to the market, obtain more from purchase, and reduce duplication of efforts. Elaboration of a new report using the available information does not require a programmer’s work. The interface is almost completely intuitive. Data obtained from different systems are unified and not contradictory. Finally, company employees can trust the information.

Working in a single system, it is not always necessary to make all information accessible to all employees, e.g. data pertaining to commercial secret. Access to all information is granted using access rights.

Solutions for Medium and Small Enterprises

 §  SAP BusinessObjects Edge is a balanced solution based on software tools for working with business analytics which will help the management to make justified decisions and use the available resources with maximum efficiency. It allows taking data from various systems and performing their unification. It allows using mobile devices. All reports are integrated into office systems.

 §  Crystal Reports provides a set of functions for report management.

 §  Xcelsius is a solution for visual display of information in a simple and convenient graphical interface.