C4C (Cloud for Customer)

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Today, companies need a convenient and powerful tool for building relationships with customers. It should be equally convenient for personal contacts, for communicating by phone, for communication via the Internet, for communication via social networks, on mobile devices.

C4C is a complete solution for managing sales, service and marketing. It gives an opportunity to work with clients on any channels, helps to determine his preferences, to know what he did in the past and predict with a high probability what he will do in the future.

It also contains a set of customizable analytical tools that provide information on the performance of a particular employee and company unit.

С4С will help:

  • Increase sales, service and interaction with the integrated CRM SaaS-solution
  • Get a complete vision of the customers to understand their needs at any time
  • Use real-time analytics and forecasting to improve interaction with customers through all channels
  • Manage your business anytime, anywhere and on any device due to the advantageous use of mobile devices
  • Provides rapid and cost-effective implementation and commissioning of cloud-based CRM solutions based on subscriptions

C4C benefits:

  • SAP best practices
  • Low cost of ownership – SAP assumes all costs for placement, support, updating.
  • Flexible configuration, development and integration allows to work without constant involvement of IT specialist
  • User-friendly interface
  • Data protection - access and display rights management (certain information - to a certain person)
  • Transparent reporting - actual data on all indicators of commercial activity (in terms of volume, employee, project) in a convenient graphical form
  • Built-in SAP forecast analytics 
  • Ready-made industrial scenarios
  • Built-in mobile client (offline)
  • Quarterly releases